Colorado “Vacation” Day Three

I am thankful :  we were able to go on a family vacation for the first time. Fresh hot coffee in the lodge anytime I needed it. Other wives who knew what I was going through and were willing to accept disjointed conversation and interruptions. The prayers. Cool Colorado mornings. A pancake toss. Pancakes that looked more like ice cream sundaes when the six year old goes through the toppings bar.
For space to run. For Cadrian’s new friend. Being invited to come along. Winning a bowling game at the rec center. A toddler walk back to the cabin. Stopping to see—to really see. The pinecones, the sticks, the rocks, the trees. To listen–to really listen to my two year old. To spend time.
Kevin was able to join us for lunch.
 That naptime finally happened.

That it warmed up enough to go swimming, (warm being debatable).

The girls were invited to watch a movie in one of the gazebos; one family had brought or arranged for, a projector and screen!
Bedtime had fewer tears, but was much later, since they had napped. We were all asleep again before Kevin was done with his meetings. Mountain air makes me tired!

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