Colorado “Vacation” Day Four

Hope you like pictures because we took a ton this day! We were all recovered from all the traveling and were basically back to normal (which unfortunately includes bickering and selfishness and all).
Aviana started out the morning helping one of our friends who had hurt her neck with her babies. She was doing a great job being a mother’s helper.

The rest of us walked a really long ways to the stables, to see about horseback riding. I had talked to one of the cowgirls the day before, so I thought all you had to do was show up. I didn’t realize that she meant just to look at the horses.

We discovered I had to pay for the rides, and not only that, but pay at the Rec Center, which was another 1/2 mile away. A 1/2 mile when you are wearing a baby and corralling/encouraging a 4 and 2 year old is a very long way.

Brielle volunteered to run back to the cabin, get my wallet and meet us at the rec center. I prayed that God would give her feet fleet and surefooted like a deer and that she would find her way. He answered in spades!

 Everyone had a lovely ride on both Rocky the pony, and Belle, the horse.

 Well, not the baby, she stayed on the ground. 🙂

 We were not too far from Horn Creek by this point, so we strolled over to play in the very chilly water for a while. It was loud and yet still peaceful.

 Can you see my cherubs on top of that big rock?

 We made it back for lunch in the nick of time, even with me carrying Denton in a sling I fashioned from Elivette’s muslin blanket. Thankful for Aviana carrying the bag for me the whole way.

 We hung out at the cabin for a while in the afternoon while it rained. I entertained the kids and myself with Angry Birds on the iPad. Aviana and Brielle got into a big fight and I was at the end of my rope. One of our friends offered to take Aviana and Cadrian over to the Rec Center with them. What a perfectly timed blessing! They got to go rock climbing and bowling.

 Then it turned sunny AND Kevin got done with his meetings early, so he suggested we leave after dinner to see how far we could get. That would make Saturday a lot less stressful to not have to drive all the way. While he and the children went for a very cold swim, and Elivette thoughtfully napped I packed up the cabin. I think the only thing we may have left in Colorado is our camera charger…which is better than the way out, when I forgot undies for Aviana and myself, and the boys’ swimsuits.

After saying good-bye to our Samaritan Ministries friends, we were on our way. The drive was beautiful. Throughout our trip we saw big horned sheep, wild turkeys and antelope as well as some birds we don’t see in Iowa.

We made it as far as Colorado Springs again before the four year old and the ten month old had had enough.

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