Cloze activity

I often do Cloze activities with Aviana’s favorite books and songs (that is the official name of when you leave out words or words and allow the other person to fill it/them in; quite effective for language learning). I found out today that she can recite Where the Wild Things Are, her favorite parts are saying the forest “DUE (grew) and DUE and DUE!!”, the wild things gnashing their terrible teeth, and when Max says “NO!” (and also sending the wild things to bed without eating “ANYFING”!!

Another game we made up today that is adorable beyond words and a big hit with the toddler, is “Go Away Like A…” I’ll tell her to go away like a duck, and she’ll get down and waddle like a duck, then I’ll tell her to come back like a snake and she’ll slither on the floor going sssssss. It’s absolutley hilarious! We’ve done a lot of animals already, but as I write this I’m thinking of more, and saying to myself “That’s got to be good for at least 20 minutes!

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