Clearly, a great success

My pudding-painting-four-wafers-and-fruit for supper idea seemed to be a big hit, even though they didn’t really eat any. Hopefully, they won’t wake in the night with growling tummies…

Brielle complained, “Too much sweets!”
Cadrian would get too much pudding on a strawberry and nearly gag and spit it out.
Aviana ate only her apple and strawberries.

Funny, I just learned today that this pudding has less (by half!) sugar than the yogurt I thought was so healthful for them! Guess I’ll have to go back to making it.

Which I last did in January.

And by the way, if you make yogurt in January and then discover it at the back of the fridge in April, don’t put it down the sink, because it really, really smells. Really.

3 thoughts on “Clearly, a great success

  1. Yeah, I had a taste of unsweetened natural yogurt this week and was reminded just how much sugar is added to the flavored yogurts. ZING! Wow, that was a taste sensation!

    Looks like they all had fun though!

  2. I never would have guessed that pudding had less sugar than yogurt. Go figure..

    Now when you make your own, is it flavored? I don't think I (let alone my kids) would like just plain yogurt… we are big strawberry fans.

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