I don’t really stress out about the holidays- which is good. And it helps too, that my babies are still so young, they don’t really care what we do, decorate or bake. Even so, I suffer from a huge comparison complex, and feel like I should be MORE… which is another story.

I went over to a friend’s for scrapbooking night. She has her home beautifully decorated replete with five Christmas trees, outdoor lights, greenery all around, not to mention assorted other decorations and presents wrapped and under the tree. She also has framed Christmas portraits of her two adorable children from this year already up on the wall.

Me? I have a wreath on the door we purchased this year,I dug out the fiber optic snowman we got as a wedding gift, (I have to say–not my first choice, but Kevin and Aviana love it), and I plugged in my adorable Thomas Kincaid Christmas village which has been on top of my hutches all year.
We got our pictures taken. I got out the Christmas cards and started addressing them. We have an amaryllis growing and I made some yummy truffles for our MOPS cookie exchange. Compared to me, that is wonderful!

One thought on “Christmas?

  1. mama g says:

    Compared to you…yes, how hard it is to learn to compare ourselves to only ourselves. To figure out what we truly enjoy, just do that much and be satisfied with it. You are doing well, dear daughter.

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