Christmas traditions

The main tradition the Farm Fresh Family has is not having one. I often seem to be wandering around in the dark.

Although, maybe I am being a little too hard on myself, as we have done some things through out the years in a similar fashion.

One year, I made this advent calendar out of a cookie sheet.

The children take turns adding a number every day. It’s fun, but it totally got trumped this year by the one with chocolates behind each day’s door that Grandma got for them.

When Aviana was two, we made a graham cracker house.
When she was four we made a gingerbread house from a kit.
And those have been our only forays into the world of Christmas home building.

We make cookies every year.

And eat a lot of frosting.
We put up a tree.
Except for the years when we haven’t.
We’ve frequently visited Santa.
But we missed him this year.
We do seem to often have a Santa Baby.
In years past, we have given a lot of presents.
This year we’re giving one present to the children. Total.
We spend time with loved ones. We go to church on Christmas Eve. We read a lot of Christmas books. We sing Christmas carols accompanied by a hot guy with a guitar. We eat ham and fruit salad and Aunt Joan’s brunch and blotch and rolls and cookies and green bean casserole and drink egg nog.
I guess we do have a tradition after all. There is always food. We do always make it about family.
And we remember how God sent His Son so we can be with Him eternally.

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  1. It will be fun in 20 years to answer that question again…you will be able to look back and then know what your traditions "were" and get ready to make new ones as your family grows and changes.

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