Christmas is Canceled

We were supposed to have Christmas today down at my parents’. My grandma is there already, my sister and her family, and my brother is on his way. We, on the other hand, are staying home.

Reason #1: We got a really bad storm and it’s around -15º. All the waterers and everything for the cattle were frozen solid, and Kevin almost got frozen solid in the process of unfreezing them. We were kind of leaning towards staying home because of the bad weather anyway.

Reason #2: My sister (who arrived at my mom’s yesterday) has Rubella. German Measles. She just broke out last night with the rash, and luckily I hadn’t seen her the week before either. German Measles is contagious the week before and after the rash. She’s been immunized, but… who knows why the immunizations don’t work. I have been too, but since I’m pregnant, if I were to get it, it could cause serious birth defects for the baby.

My mom and grandma are both going to come up and stay with us on Wednesday. But now that they’ve been exposed too, I’m worried they could bring me the virus.


7 thoughts on “Christmas is Canceled

  1. Oh how disappointing, I’m sorry it didn’t work out! Maybe y’all could celebrate as a family sometime in January, when the virus has run its course in everyone, and you can be sure the baby will be safe? I hope y’all have a Merry Christmas anyways! =)

  2. That really stinks! I guess it’s better than having gone & been exposed to your sister. I was a teacher pre-kids & know that I talked with my doctor about being exposed to all of that stuff since I was around kids all the time & she told me not to worry. You may want to check with your doctor tomorrow before you rule out having your Mom & aunt’s visit.
    We too are experiencing this crazy cold weather…I fear for our heating bill!!!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Jessica, as disappointing as it was, remember that God has everything in his control. I am sure that he was protecting that new little one.
    Have a good Christmas and we will see you later.

  4. Mary at Homesteeped Hope says:

    You’re pregnant??!!!???!! Congratulations! When? Are you feeling okay?

    Hope you at least got to reschedule your family get-together…is your sister okay by now? Yikes.

  5. We have scheduled a tentative make-up Christmas for next week…

    we’ve all been vaccinated, but apparently they don’t always work…

    my midwife said it shouldn’t be too much of a worry, but we’d rather be cautious…

    Leah is feeling better; don’t know how she contracted the measles!…

    I’m almost 10 weeks and feeling well except for a cold I can’t shake…

    Thanks for your sweetness everyone!

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