Christmas Fun

Last night we all went to Grandma and Grandpa’s church for the family service. Our girls were so incredibly well behaved, I could hardly believe it myself! They were better than most of the elementary school aged children who should have known better. They sang a lot of praise songs we were familiar with, and some of the classic Christmas carols. The children all went up front for a Jesus birthday cake, and Aviana sat on my lap the whole while.

Today, Grandma and Grandpa came over to open presents, have brunch, and do a “Happy cake” for Jesus. We had yummy food and enjoyed each other’s company. G & G left around noon, and we had the rest of the day to ourselves to relax. I changed into my new sleep shirt over some yoga pants and put on my new Christmas slippers, and lounged around for the rest of the day. It’s the first time I’ve been home for Christmas, and I would like to do it like that every year.
Aviana helps open Brielle’s presents

Messing around with my new Christmas tripod

My Dear Husband really surprised me and got me Photoshop Elements. I was so excited, I cried when I opened it.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Fun

  1. Sounds like you had a fun Christmas! You will love photoshop elements… hope you are having fun figuring it out. It can be kind of a pain to figure out how to do things. I used tutorials I had found off of websites to learn to do projects. Much more fun that way than reading the book!

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