Christmas Cards

As you may have guessed, I love to write. I also like to make cards. I like to take pictures–and mess around with my photo editing programs.

So this adds up to someone who loves to send out Christmas cards! I only made about 20 cards this year and sent out store bought ones for the others. I included a picture (which was not taken by me, since we bought the CD for our professional shoot, I figured I may as well use it) and a cute little rhyming letter. The only thing I forgot to include was the address to this blog! Seriously, I cut back my list this year, a lot. Somehow I still ended up sending out 104 cards. So far.

It’s a good thing I love it!

One thought on “Christmas Cards

  1. Jenny H says:

    I got my Christmas card, letter and Photo! Thank you. I always look forward to getting your card and letter every year! Have a great Christmas.

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