Chickens again!

 Upcycled soda crates as nesting boxes.
 Upcycled corn crib
This is temporary housing we think. We are 90% sure it’s coon proof. We need to get the dog used to the chickens, so then we can let them out during the day.
 We already got an egg! It’s kind of green!

 Aviana says the chickens are going to be her responsibility entirely because she wants to earn the egg money. She plans to check on them twice a day, collect their eggs and feed and water them. I want to encourage her, but I’m skeptical on how long the enthusiasm will last.

 Most of the new flock. We’ve got mostly Speckled Sussex, Golden laced and Blue laced Wyandottes, and a couple of light Brahmas. We also have a couple of Aracaunas, which lay green eggs. The rooster is a teddy bear of a Speckled Sussex. 

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