Case of the lazy blogger

Wanted: Alive or Half Dead from Exhaustion: Jessica (The Lazy Blogger) aka Mama.

This nefarious moll has been spotted trying to sleep in her car in a parking lot, in the guest bed, on a blow up mattress hiding from the screaming toddler, and while waiting at the DOT.
She is wanted on counts of

  • feeding her family peanut butter sandwiches for days on end
  • allowing her children to lay waste to the living room rather than enforce the one toy at a time rule
  • letting her husband fend for himself almost all weekend
  • yawning in the middle of people’s stories
  • being too tired to even accept a lunch playdate
  • trying to sleep as late as possible

If you spot this wily fox, please approach with caution. Ignore the bleary incoherence and offer her a cup of coffee with French vanilla creamer and a nap complete with a cozy quilt and gentle fall breeze.

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