Can’t a girl just lounge?

Sometimes I really miss being single–when I could sleep in as long as I wanted, get up and do whatever I wanted, stay in my jammas for as long as I wanted, leave projects spread out all over for as long as I wanted: you know, back when the world revolved around the axis that is Jessica.

It’s a gorgeous Saturday. I got up with Brielle at 6:45 (after nursing her on and off since 5). I got up and got her breakfast, chatted with Kevin a little while we ate breakfast. I tried to kick my brain in gear to make a card for the wedding we’re going to this afternoon. He showed me the progress he’s made in the hobbit room. I picked up my picture organizing project was working on two nights ago, so no small person could wreck everything. As I was getting Aviana’s breakfast around 8, some guy showed up to buy eggs, quickly followed by a corn customer. After arranging babysitting details for the wedding and discussing last night’s 4-H photography judging I assisted with at the fair with my mother-in-law, Brielle needed a little nursie time.

No lounging around in my nightgown, leisurely reading my latest book for me.

And I’m better for it.

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