Can I just tell you about this concert?

Man oh man, did I have a good time!! I can’t even really describe it all–there were good friends, great coffee, terrific weather, wonderful conversation, oh, and did I mention the music? Oh, yeah, and God. He was there too. I mean, of course He’s everywhere, all the time, but He was really feeling-ly there.

We do not have, in human language, words to possibly explain what God embodied is like. I’m not even sure if trying to would somehow lesson its power, but I’ll try.

Imagine the coziest moments, most comfortable moments, happiest moments, wildest moments, out-of-control moments and most intense moments you’ve ever experienced in your entire life. Combine them. Throw in some crisply fresh breezes and scarlet macaw feathery sunsets for good measure. Add butterflies and pink lollipops just for fun. Now you’re close to how I was feeling last night. I was just celebrating our Creator, who knows every single cell of our bodies, and every single thought in our heads, and who loves us with a exquisitely pure love–and in my celebrating Him, He in turn celebrated me. Extraordinary!

We were created in His image. And yet, all the pleasure and purpose and fun and feeling we can summon in ourselves in the face of God’s magnificence is a carnival teddy bear compared to a Grizzly in her native Canadian glory.

I hope, dear reader, dear friend, that you can experience His love, in you, for real. You only need pray the prayer that never fails.

“Lord, Your will be done. I want to know more. I want to know YOU. I want to be cool like You. Help me, Lord. Show me what to do, and I’ll try.”

2 thoughts on “Can I just tell you about this concert?

  1. Glad to hear you went to the festival of praise. Some year I want to take the girls, but there is always something (like a football game) going on that night and since Sarah helps dad, and if it is at home we have to go, I never seem to make it.
    So did you see Mom, (aunt Anita)?

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