Cadrian is three months old!

Actually he is three months and five days so this post is a bit late, but hey who’s counting? He is my third child after all and I’m busy.

Cadrian is absolutely a most delightful baby. He smiles socially when you talk with him and coos adoringly at you. He turns his head to find your voice. If he tried to find Brielle’s voice all the time he’d be turning his head like an owl. Fortunately, the rest of us hold pretty still for him.

He’s at the top of the charts for weight and height. He’s got the most gorgeous melt your hear smile. He’s amazingly strong. He tries to stand when you hold him upright. He can push his head and chest off the floor when he’s having tummy time. He loves to watch his sisters play, until the little one gets right in his face for too long. Then we hear the “Back off, bub!” cry.

He’s trying to grab things and has the exact same “concentration face” his sisters did–with a pursed mouth and focused eyes. He loves attention and will holler at us until he gets some. He’s not crying then, he’s really hollering.

He’s an efficient nurser, and doesn’t nurse for comfort (for hours) like the girls did.

We heard him laugh a couple of times now. The first time was at, naturally, some of Brielle’s antics.

Oh how we love our sweet Baby C.

13 thoughts on “Cadrian is three months old!

  1. That is so awesome that he is “Treating” you so well! Luc nursed for hours and karleigh was the “easy” one – I figiured it was a boy thing – you know, nursing for hours, liking boobs 🙂

  2. So, looks like you’re taking photos of him beside the same bear…to help gauge in photos how fast he’s growing! Are you going to have a 6 month “birthday” for him?

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