Cadrian is five and then SIX months old

Here is his five month picture

And here he is at six months

I completely forgot to do his five month post because of who knows…Christmas seems like a good excuse, and I forgot to do his six month picture on his six month birthday because he’s been sick. Ah well.

Baby boy is doing great (other than all the mucus and coughing). He’s sitting up well, he’s crawling, he pulled himself to a stand on my back while I was lying on my tummy yesterday, he is getting into trouble because he immediately heads for the stereo equipment or electrical cords. He’s got a great laugh and an infectious smile. He tolerates his sisters antics well. He likes to play peek a boo. He is quite social and enjoys attention. He’s fallen into a great schedule, which is a huge blessing in a lot of ways, and especially because his sisters weren’t nearly as predictable. He’s been switched to a “big kid” car seat; we couldn’t get the infant seat buckled anymore, let alone carry it! He’s on the big side of growth, but I have no idea what his exact dimensions are.

He’s a gigantic gift from God and we are so thankful for his sweet little self!

11 thoughts on “Cadrian is five and then SIX months old

  1. What a difference one month makes! he is a handsome little bugger for sure! Sounds a lot like my son! busy busy busy!
    Wish my son had a good schedule going on! LOL!
    Way to grow Cadrian!

  2. Random question for you…I remember you posting a while back about that My Little Lamb swing, saying he loved it. Did you get a lot of use out of it? I am pondering whether to buy one for my little one due March 8th.

  3. Kayla–I tried to go to your blog, but it’s invite only. We still love the Little Lamb swing. He’s in it right now. It helps him fall asleep on those days when he’s over stimulated and won’t go to sleep on his own. It’s a great swing, cuz he’s a BIG boy. My only complaint is the white pillow gets nasty, even though I hate to wash stuff like that, it washes nicely.

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