Cadrian is 2 months!

My sweet li’l dumplin’ is absolutely adorable. He’s a snuggler.

If you ask Brielle what he does, “Twies.”

“What else does he do?”


He puts up good naturedly with a lot of kisses and manhandling.

He is rolling. But I didn’t really know this. Today, I was changing a very messy diaper at the park, and he rolled off the park bench when I looked up for just a moment! I caught him by the ankle with his head mere inches from the ground, and he didn’t even cry. Sheesh!

Most of his giants still have to work hard for a smile, but when he’s in his quiet content phases, he gazes adoringly at me, and graces me with grins galore. Generally, he is easy to quiet. He likes to sleep in the wrap when I’m walking about, but not so much when I’m sitting.

He’s only waking at 12ish and 4:30ish to nurse in the night, which is blessed relief to me. I still wake up feeling tired most days however.

He’s lost most of his dark newborn hair, and is growing in blond hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

He still sounds like a little goose while eating, and sometimes while sleeping.

The other evening, Kevin came out of the bathroom, two rooms away from where I’m nursing Cadrian in the living room, and asks irritated, “What are those dogs yappin’ about now?”
“I didn’t hear anything.”
“Well, what’s all that noise then?”
“I don’t know, all I can hear is Cadrian nursing.”
“Oh,” he says as he comes closer, “it is him!”

9 thoughts on “Cadrian is 2 months!

  1. Awww! He’s getting so chubby and round. I love that!

    I can’t believe it’s been TWO months! Seriously. Time flies.

    I love it when babies eat loudly! It melts my heart… I’m weird like that 🙂

    Give him a big kiss for me! (because it won’t be weird for YOU to do that. But it might be for me :))


  2. Awwwww!! How did he get to be 2 months already?! I swear you just posted his one month pictures!

    I think that is hilarious about Kevin wondering about all the noise.

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