We got up and dressed in layers for the super cold and rainy day that was predicted. We were on our way to Amelia’s cross country meet, so it always behooves one to dress warmly. It turned out to be 50 and sunny during the meet, a perfect day for a meet in a park, next to a playground (never mind that the swings and slides were wet wet wet, and I didn’t notice until Miss A dried them with her pants). Then we did a little shopping, got a humidifier and diapers, Little Noses and grapes, you know, the necessities in life. I also got to check out a second hand store I haven’t been in before while my mom and grandma played with my daughters. We went out for pizza and fried chicken with all the fams and Amelia’s team for Friends and Family day. Aviana had her first accident in many many days. Figures. And I was dying of heat in a wool sweater, but was embarrassed to be seen amongst all these fit college runners with my post baby body without it. I got over that. Enough to take my sweater off at least. We came home for naps, except Aviana and Grandma were the only ones who actually got to sleep for any length of time. I made brownies and once again, Kevin had sold eggs out from under the hens, so even though I went out twice in the rain, had to make do with only one egg for the brownies. We had everyone here for dinner that Mom had going in the crockpot and then played Malarky and Conga until we were all exhausted and went to bed at about 10.

This was the busiest day I’ve had in a long, long time.

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