Busy Weekend Ahead

Tomorrow we have a family reunion during the day and my 15 year(!) class reunion in the evening. Both are in my hometown about two hours away.

Most of my family will be making the reunion, but we’re pretty sure we will NOT be able to because so many roads, including highways and interstates, are closed due to flooding. Many of my classmates aren’t going to be able to get there either.

Isn’t that wild? In this day and age so many roads are flooded over we can’t even travel.

I went over the Mississippi today, and it is amazingly swollen. The view looks like this(–thank you Daniel from Flikr.) Many streets close to the river are flooded over. Even creeks are out of their banks causing road closings. Predictions are that the rivers are still going to crest later on, so the flooding is not even at its worst yet.

To us this is just an inconvenience.

For many people, this is life altering. People have already lost their homes. (This picture is from my brother’s town.) People aren’t able to work.

Agriculturally speaking, we are doing fairly well for now. Our farm is nicely situated without a lot of “bottom” ground. Kevin hasn’t been able to get in the fields for weeks, and he needs to side dress nitrogen (put on a fertilizer), spray herbicide before the corn gets too tall, bale hay, and the wheat is starting to ripen so we can combine it and bale the straw. Ideally, we’d plant that ground to beans. Once he can get out there, I’m not going to see him for weeks!

Ironically, corn and soy bean prices are at an all time high–hopefully we will get a crop!

3 thoughts on “Busy Weekend Ahead

  1. Hi Jessica. I’ll pray that Kevin is able to get into the fields soon. When we lived in PA my husband helped his dad farm their small farm – smaller but with the same issues relating to weather. So I know on the small scale what it’s like trying to plan or do things. Only God knows! Deep, huh?! Keep in touch.

  2. I can’t believe how much water there is. Even in MT we’ve received a year’s worth of precipitation in a month. It’s crazy. And there’s nothing like the impatience of a farmer who can’t get into his fields. . .

  3. Yeah, all this water has been horrible! I’m glad that you all are doing alright with your crops though. My grandparents have lost most everything on the western side of the state!!! Here’s hoping there is some help around when that sweet baby boy is born!

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