BUSY week!

Usually, I blog after the girls are in bed, or during their quiet time, but this week has been pure chaos! Today was the first day no one woke up screaming, or was just up multiple times in the night. They both went down for their rest/nap well. They have both been golden all morning (not counting Brielle’s tantrums, which I am partially attributing to her age). Mama hasn’t had much ‘mama time’ this week!

Our trip to Chicago was fun. It wasn’t long enough, but it was restorative to come home after being away for two days and a night.

Monday and Tuesday the girls were pretty much, little terrors. I think it was the time change, that really threw off their naps/bedtime and they were overtired. And since I wasn’t sleeping long at night because they weren’t sleeping long at night, I was overtired.

Monday night I was gone with a small group thing for MOPS, which involved mint oreo blizzards, and lots of talking with girlfriends, so you know I had a good time!

Tuesday after MOPS I went to the store, a fun little trip which cumulated with Brielle lying down screaming in the parking lot because she didn’t want to hold my hand! I spent nearly three hours getting the girls to settle down and go to sleep.

Tuesday night I had my first all-by-myself Usborne party and I had a lot of fun, and it is turning out to be a very successful party! I’m so proud of my hostess, and she will get tons of free books!

Yesterday I had my Bible study and I bought some maternity clothes afterwards, a shopping trip which included Brielle grabbing nearly everything within reach and my mom shaking her head woefully as I put on size Large tops, trying to tactfully allude to the fact that by this summer I am going to be roughly the size of a barn and I should just settle for a tarp in several cheery shades.

Last night we (Kevin, Mom and I) watched The Business of Being Born. It is enlightening and beautiful. It’s also sad, what birth is becoming in our country. Instead of a right of passage and a wonderful communing experience between father and mother and baby, it often is a matter of convenience, of reducing risk to a doctor, of fear. We in the U.S. spend more money per birth than all other developed countries and still have worse outcomes!

Now we are off to our big 20 week ultrasound, during which we hope to find out the gender of Baby C!

5 thoughts on “BUSY week!

  1. Hey girl. Glad to ‘see’ you back. 🙂

    Just watched that trailer, and I’m so going to rent that movie. Our youngest was our first one to be born at home, and it was the single most amazing experience I’ve ever been through. I’ve turned into a huge homebirth advocate because of it. Thanks for letting us know that movie is out there!

    And ever so many (((hugs))) regarding your girls. Some of the best advice I ever received was from my aunt, and she told me ‘remember, you’re just in another season of life. This season won’t go on forever, and the seasons with a younger child (or multiple young’ens) can seem so hard. Run the good race, praise God for the good days, and take the hard ones as they come.’ Her words have helped me so much over the past few years … I just wanted to pass them along to you.

    In Christ, ~Brea

  2. Wow, I am not sure whether to laugh or to hug you! Don’t worry–Brielle is completely normal. Emmy has been known to lie down on the dirty floor at Walmart and scream because she no longer gets to ride in the cart or be carried (because of Maddie). And I am sure you will not need a tent to clothe yourself in!

    Good luck with the ultrasound! I hope Baby C cooperates!

  3. A blizzard always ensures a great time!!! Yum! We drive 25 miles to the nearest DQ when we are craving one.

    Can’t wait to hear the gender!!!

  4. Too, too funny. Daniel and I watched the business of being born on Thursday night. It was so good – and I am so thankful that in our 22 year old naiveness we made the choice to have my baby at home – the best choice for our family.

    Sounds like a wild week at your house!

    I know just how it feels to be the side of a barn. 😉 It won’t last but for a short ( albeit painful) time. 🙂


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