Brielle hands me a tiny teacup.
“Mmm. Thank you. I love tea.” I obediently drink the air out of the cup.
“Mo? Mo!” she says, signing more to be sure I understand.
“Oh yes please, I’d love some more!”
She dashes away.
Back she comes and hands me the teacup once again.
Water spills out all over my lips and chin and I even get some inside my mouth as I vigorously pretended to drink.

Guess where is the only place in the house from where my 17 month old can scoop out water–

Sure enough there are tell tale drippies all over the bathroom floor and toilet seat.

I held my mouth over a hot flame to sterilize it, but that hurt a bit too much. So I decided to compensate with vast quantities of alcohol.

It’s five o’clock somewhere.

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  1. I am laughing so hard! Forgive me, but the innocense and joy of serving! shines through. I also love the picture of holding your mouth over a fire to cleanse it…
    I love this post

  2. Yuck – OMG, that’s horrible. I’d be swigging back a shot or to of whiskey or something just as harsh!

    My son has washed hands before, all by himself, befor he could reach the sink. Yeah – I’be been there

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