Brain, throw-up:

Aviana wants me to read everything. EVERYTHING.

“Mama, What’s the tag on my blanket say?” I let her pester me a bit, and then finally read the tag on her blanket in both English & Spanish. The first line was “Keep away from flame.”

“Huh,” says my four year old, “I thought it would say ‘Keep away from fire, bad storms, and big predators.'”

“Huh!” I said back, because really, what can you say?

If you’ve never heard of a Deliverance Ministry, you really should check into it. Here’s somewhere to start.

It’s life changing, says someone who is speaking from experience. God is an awesome God, a loving ALL-powerful God.
Kevin blessed me with lots of great girl time last night. He came in from the fields early so I could go out.

Love that! God created us for relationship. A perfect evening is just sitting around talking with people you love, people you trust, people who make you laugh.

And tasty appetizers are a bonus.

I went over to my mom’s today, ostensibly to help her organize her new home.

Between the baby overflowing his diaper, onesie and outfit, and us having to do the ensuing laundry, Aviana! having an ‘accident’, the girls clamoring to be fed everything in sight, Cadrian wailing to be fed, and held, and rocked, and otherwise pacified, Brielle hollering her entire quiet time (and promptly falling asleep in the car), I managed to hang up two kitchen wrap organizers, one of which promptly fell off and left sticky residue all over the floor and cabinet door, which my mom had to then spend a half an hour cleaning off. I also almost got a space saving over the toilet cabinet put together, but then realized I had put the bottom piece on backward, and when I tried to take it apart, I broke it.

All I really did was make more work for her. But she hugged me and loves me anyway.
Kevin and I had to go to the bank to sign a loan for a recent cattle purchase.

Did you know for every loan, we each have to sign eleventeen papers, some of which have to be initialed and/or signed three or more times on the same paper, a process which takes more than 20 minutes (and I used to teach; I signed a lot of hall passes; I can write my name lightening fast!) ?
If you are at all interested in the juxtaposition of raising up purity and the culture of today, you really need to add Virtue Alert to your daily reads.
And I really really like this craft.
Oh, and, I really like Facebook. Join and come be my friend.

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  1. First: I truly had to giggle out loud at your first anecdote, are kids great or what? I LOVE it!!

    Second: Your trip to “help” your mom also made me smile… reminds me of times my kiddos try to “help” me around the house.

    Third: Thanks for the link love! Glad you liked the craft! 🙂

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