11 thoughts on “Bored…nothing to do

  1. Your creativity when you’re bored is amazing.
    The shoes and matching nail polish is enough to make the rest of us green with envy.
    Loved the picture rich post though.

  2. Great pics, and great fun! 🙂 Love the shoes! What size are you…can we possible share? That would take a lot of planning though…you know…mail them to me a week in advance and then overnight them back for your next great event! Just tell me where I can get my own for cheap?!

  3. you just wanted to show us what a hot mama looks like grocery shopping!!
    oh…and you made cheese??? THAT is something I have not done. please post about that!

  4. The shoes! I was shoe shopping at Famous Footwear. Jessica called me and asked what i found on the clearance rack. Red shoes! She says, “Buy me a pair!” “What??!” say I. “Sight unseen? Not tired on to see if they fit?” “Yes! Yes!” she says. those are the shoes! Check out your local Famous Footwear! I wore mine for 11.5 hours on Sunday and my feet hardly hurt! And I got so many compliments! Cute shoes! Love ’em!

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