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There are plenty of eloquent reviews on Amazon, but here is my two cents: This is a thoughtfully done, exhaustively researched book. Its premise is that the polio vaccine, which really did help millions of Americans, also inflicted untold numbers with a cancer causing virus. A virus that is still affecting children today. A virus the government knew about and chose to keep from American innocents; children, and their well meaning parents. It is not written in an alarming way at all, solely presenting facts, as they happened.

This tale gives good cause for governmental mistrust. It gives good reason to think that our government does not have our *your* best interests at heart. It is a story that needs reading and a story that gives one pause, and material to think about.

Mylinda at the Buggy Crew recommended this movie. She was right–it was fantastic. So I thought I’d go ahead and read the book too. It was a great read. A great look into the culture of the 1950’s (of which I’d secretly like to be a part). Written by the sixth of Evelyn Ryan’s children, it was a beautiful vantage point. The book was both uplifting and sad. It was an amazing tribute to an amazing woman. It varied from the movie too (of course), but the movie was surprisingly accurate.

One aspect of Evelyn I particularly liked and related to was her connections with other women, other contesters. They did a Round Robin letter for months before any of them ever met, and it reminded me so much of blogging. She was too busy to sit down and chat with her neighbors, but she drew real strength and support of virtual strangers. I’m the exact same way. I have to schedule playdates, and sometimes I just too worn out to keep them, but I can always comment on a ‘friend’s’ blog and feel like I’ve made a connection with another mom, someone who understands, someone with whom I relate. She was a bloggy pioneer and never even knew it.

Evelyn reminds us to make a choice to be happy–much like Paul of the Bible chooses contentment in all circumstances. I always like a book that is not only a fun read, but has a good bit of virtue to emulate.

I have read many a discipline book in my day. Many. This is a fairly decent one. I have to take issue with some of his theology, especially in chapters three and twelve–which is essentially his case against spanking. I know spanking is a controversial topic, and I don’t really care to get into it. I’m no Hebrew scholar, nor have I even graduated seminary as the author has done, but I do think the Holy Spirit can show me truth. His theories behind why not to spank just don’t ring true.

That aside, there is plenty in this book one can glean. He has much to say on how discipline is loving your child, with which I wholeheartedly agree. He includes protection, nurturing, listening and discernment all as skills one should use in discipline. In some ways, it is a fresh look at why we must discipline our children, why we must bring them up in the Lord. Just don’t let him sway you with faulty interpretations of the Word of God.

And finally:Brielle and I are going to do this method this week. It sounded good when I first read about it, and then when I saw how well it worked for my sister’s middle child, I decided we would definitely do it when Brielle seemed ready. She is pee-peeing in the potty independently at nearly every diaper change; I have just been too lazy to take her diaper off and deal with the inevitable accidents. Looking forward to a good six weeks without diapers!

Now, I think it’s time for a good beach read, don’t you? Do you have any recommendations? Little to no cussing, no torrid sex and not much graphic violence; but I love a good thriller.

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  1. Wow! Was I ever surprised to see my name in print! That was fun!
    🙂 Anyway, I almost always read a book before watching the movie, but I didn’t know it came from a book. I thought it might be fictional or “based on a true story”. I’m glad to see it’s a book. I’ll put this one on my library list! 🙂
    PS-Good Luck potty training! I was like you and just kept putting it off even though I knew he was ready. “I just don’t WANT to potty-train.” You know the feeling. Have fun! I hope it’s quick for you! 🙂

  2. I am so glad you stopped by my blog , so I could find yours. I have enjoyed reading your book reviews and agree whole heartedly with the emphasis you put on blogging as a support system! I nearly just fell out of my chair when I saw you had a daughter named Brielle and it was spelt just like my Brielle. I have only met two other Brielle’s in her life and both were spelt differently!
    nice to meet you. 🙂

  3. I was interested in your section on potty training. I found potty training dad to be much harder than potty training the girls when it was time. Actually never trained Kristen, she did it her self.

    For a good easy relaxing read, Check out Laura Child’s books. They are mystery books. I am currently reading a series from her about scrapbooking and mystery.

  4. Let me know how the potty training goes! I’m right on with you with the vaccines and the spanking! I’ll have to read that book…one of these days. Uhm…for a good book to read…try the Yada Yada series or any of Karen Kingsbury books. EXCELLENT reads…all of them. I wish we lived close! I would let you borrow mine!

  5. I love book reviews! Okay, I just really like reviews. But I appreciate a book review that is well done, such as yours.

    I have the Sally Clarkson book on discipline coming. I am looking forward to reading what she has to say, and maybe gaining a few pointers. I’ll have to see how it line up with what I believe…

    The toilet training book is enticing, but I’m such a skeptic. Although, when I did p.t. with Eve it was pretty much only a day or two, but I’m working with totally different personalities.
    Judah is ready, but quite frankly, I am not. I really need to get over it, I am just not up for the accidents right now.

    I really appreciated the reviews…


  6. Wow, all these recommends sound great! I’ve never heard of the vaccine book, but it does sound like a must read! The movie too…I’ve never heard of it. Is the movie the same name as the book?

    Have you tried Colleen Coble’s suspense novels? I’m reading her Rock Harbor series, and each book gets better! Susan May Warren also has a good suspense series out, called Team Hope. Really good! Both are Christian authors, great plots and characters.

  7. my two fav books aren’t thrillers, but boy were they good! The Time Traveler’s Wife and The Other Boleyn Girl ( if you like historical fiction). I am reading Margaret George’s Helen of Troy which has me hooked, and I love her book the Memoirs of Cleopatra. She wrote one on Mary Magdelene but i havent read yet. All of those are historical fiction other than the Time Travelers Wife. may not be your style at all, but read the backs and see what you think if interested. Janet Evonovich writes fun beach reads- the Stephanie Plum books. Thought they sounded dumb but they made me laugh a lot. Marley and Me is sweet. Any of the law books by John Grisham. I love to read!

  8. I read “How to Potty Train in One Day” and condensed it to spending the day in the kitchen. It was a day of fun and play, lots of salty snacks and drinks, no pants on my daughter and the potty easily accessible. It worked!

    A light bulb goes off in the brain about the feeling you get before you have to go pee-pee!

    One on one with no distractions helps, too.

    Good luck,


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