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I get a lot of offers to review books because, well, I love books. I don’t usually take the publishers up on them because I also don’t have a lot of free time. I only have time to do what I love, or, as the case may be, read what I love. So unless a book looks really intriguing, I generally just say no, thank you.

This is a book you’ll want to say yes to: The Second Messiah by Glenn Meade . It’s an archaeological murder mystery action conspiracy book. Thoroughly entertaining. Even better, it’s got no bad language, or anything else to negate the enticing plot and characters you’ll love to get to know. I’ll let you read the plot synopsis at the link, but know that I give it a hearty two thumbs up.

2 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. Jessica~
    Wow, looks like your family has been pretty busy! I'm sorry that I haven't really followed up with you a few months(!) ago on that article about stay-at-home-moms. With the 3 kiddos, we just finished up school on Tuesday, plus we are in T-ball and baseball and working and being outside has us all pretty busy. It has been a wet, wet spring here in Northern Indiana. My dad farms 2,000 acres and just got done this week with beans, commercial corn and still has a day or two of planting male rows for the seed corn. My hubby out at the dairy farm had to completely replant their corn. Hope you and hubby are having better luck planting, but I think out there has been having it's fair share of rain, too?? Anyway, your family is growing so fast! Have a fantastic summer!
    ~Amber from Indiana

  2. I LOVE books too. I am currently reading The Happiness Project, The Glass Castle and The Book Thief. Its school holidays in South AFrica so I am indulging myself and spending many hours with my Kindle while my kids potter around.

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