The Book Nook

Finally–the book nook is finished! I still have to sort & organize their books, but it is ready for reading!

This room used to be known as the harness shop; it’s an attic type room in which the hired men used to repair horse harness during the winter. It has an oddly placed window that looks nowhere because it used to be on an outer wall. Kevin’s parents just used it as storage, but I didn’t really want to do that because you have to walk through it to get from the bedroom part of the upstairs to the family room part of the upstairs. It was dark and dingy, had brown icky floors, greyish bumpity walls, poor lighting…

After working on it off and on (often off) all summer, fall and winter, this is the result! Kevin did all the hard work; the resurfacing of the walls, the base coat of paint, cutting the carpet to fit, hanging the mirrors, which is no easy task in these concrete-esque walls, installing new lighting and an outlet, cutting the legs off and painting these book cases we got from somewhere. I just did the fun painting.

We also call it the hobbit room, because one of the doorways is only five feet tall, and it is sort of like a burrow.

8 thoughts on “The Book Nook

  1. Wow, I can’t believe how much different that room looks. I can’t wait to see it in person. I never realized it could be so bright in there. What a cozy place to hide with a good book

  2. Wow, it looks great Jessica! I’m very impressed with your creativity. I’d try a project like that, and then half way through, get really frustrated, scrap the whole idea, and paint everything green. Because I have the patience of an ADD monkey. I’m just saying. 🙂

    And could your daughter be anymore cute if she tried? She’s just precious!!


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