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  1. Great announcement! Love the way you used color and b/w, and where you wrote born at home into his father’s hands. Oh, and the baby, too, lol- he’s gorgeous!

  2. Well that is just a really sweet announcement! I love that you included the girls. I was just looking at some announcements (my friend is a designer over at Tinyprints) and I was thinking about using one with multiple pictures so I could include the girls.

  3. Wow! You did a wonderful job on those birth announcements! Way too cute! You go! Glad to read things are shall we say flowing better all around. Man, I really wish I was within driving distance and could come over for a large playdate/babysiting bash! Some day!

  4. What an adorable announcement! You are so on top of things. My third child’s announcement didn’t get sent out until she was almost 6 mths old..ironically I did just so that she’d have one in her scrapbook like the other two…then when I went to do her scrapbook, couldn’t find the announcements!
    Yours is beautiful and timely. Nicely done Mommy!!

  5. Jessica, He is absolutely beautiful and you look wonderful. I’ve been out of blogging this last week and enjoyed seeing all the picturs. I’m glad you have so much help and are able to take it easy. Keep the pics coming 🙂

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