Blends and other develpments

Aviana’s speech is an amazing thing to behold. She can now say some consonant blends, like stamp, smile, and shower when only last week she was saying namp, mile and sowah. She is now asking “why?”, not that I’m all that thrilled about that development, as she’ll ask it ad nauseum. We were planting our amarillyis yesterday and she said, “How much water it needs?” That was the first time she said “how much?” She can verbalize what she’s thinking and explain some ideas. For instance, she wanted me to spread out a blanket. She said to spread it out on the floor, “because it be more easier.” It still amazes me to hear her speak in complete sentences.

I know all children learn to speak, and all children make the same developments. It’s different when it’s your own progeny; it’s completely a miracle.

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