Aviana: Mama, toffee is rewwee bad for you.
Me: I know it is.
Aviana: Den why do you dwink it all the time?
Me: I have no idea.


Brielle and her recent hijinx: Marker + couch. Baby powder + bathroom. Paper towels + toilet + lots ‘o water. Baby lotion + toilet paper + water. Peanut butter + her hair + baby’s head. Pee-pee + wagon. Gold pen+ window sill + new ottoman. Urge to pee-pee in the grass + bare bummie + city park full of people. Honey+ table.

= one exhausted mama relying soley on God’s strength, and not very well at that.
I was standing in the kitchen, engrossed in a spoonful of peanut butter with some M&Ms thrown on for good measure, when who should wander in but my Quiet Time escapee, Miss Brielle.

“What are you having, Mama? What are you doing?”
“I’m stress eating, ” I answer, dourly.
Without missing a beat, “Oh,” she says, “May I have some stresseating too?”


My hardworking handsome husband. Oh how I feel for him. He is trying his hardest to provide well for his family, and is hampered on so many levels. Weather. Lack of competent help. Not enough hours in the day. Equipment that breaks down. There are so many negatives, it’s hard to remember God is at the helm. There are so many negatives, it’s hard to remember Kevin is living his dream job. There are so many negatives, it’s hard to remember God created him for this, and me to be his help mate.

There are so many negatives, it’s hard to be nice when town folk whine about the rain. Oh, poor you, you can’t mow your lawn or go golfing. WELL, AT LEAST YOUR LIVLIHOOD DOESN’T DEPEND ON IT!!

He got in the fields for the first time in WEEKS yesterday, and worked until 10:30. He was up early and out there again today, taking advantage of the dry weather. How I love my hardworking handsome husband.
Mama. Mama. Mama.

He’s saying it!

6 thoughts on “bits

  1. My heart goes out to you…why do we think mothering should be easy?
    Somehow though we do and we learn to roll with the “life happens”. Wish I could make you a cup of coffee and just be there to say…I’ve been there too.

  2. girlie! thanks for a great honest little glimpse into the farm fresh life!

    hoping you can sneak in some more stress food and perhaps make some for hubby to enjoy after his long day.

    hope the days get shorter soon, for you all!!

  3. Oh man. Your going through it… I’m going through it. Wish we could drink coffee and go through it together.

    Sometimes life just crowds in on ya. And that just stinks. I will pray for a good, refreshing day today. Keep that chin up, girl!!


  4. I adore how you praise your husband…hardworking guys who are honest get overlooked so often. My husband is hardworking mechanic. His hands never look nice, always scratches and grease and fingernails that may be clean, but LOOK dirty.

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