Bits of the good life

**God and The Little Engine**

Aviana, who is supposed to napping, comes out of her room to ask me where her Little Engine That Could book is.

I tell her, “You’re supposed to be talking to God and falling asleep.”
She says, “I want to talk to the engine.”

**Some people usually wake up too darn early!**
Upon awakening, Aviana starts complaining because the lights are on (even though they aren’t). “Why are da wites on, Mama? Turn dem off, Mama. Turn off da wites, Mama!!”
I stare at her blankly, until I figure out that she wants me to turn off the sun!

**Thoughts on Baby Einstein**
Just this year we’ve started letting Aviana watch selected videos and TV shows. She sometimes watches Curious George on PBS, and when she gets up at o’dark thirty, I’ll put in a Baby Einstein DVD for her to watch & I’ll head back to bed until Brielle wakes up.

I do think most of the educational factors of the whole Baby Einstein phenomenon is hype, but that there are definitely good points. For example, one of her videos shows sign language for items around the house, and another one has lots of great footage of wild animals.

One thing I never considered, however, is the videos are essentially one big commercial. They show all sorts of different toys being played with, demonstrated, pushed, pulled and otherwise manipulated. I discovered this the other day with the new DVD we had borrowed from the library; every time a new toy came on the screen, my little miss materialist said, “We should buy that for me, Mama!” Not good Not good.

**What do you suppose they’re thinking?**
Ad in our local paper: WANTED: 3 calves OR 5 goats.

**I feel special**
My grandma stayed with us a while back. While she was here, she helped out a lot by doing dishes, laundry, generally being of use. In regards to laundry, I just throw anything that doesn’t have to be folded to fit, in a pile in the drawer as I’m too much in a hurry to fold non-essentials, but my grandma was not. With love and attention to detail, Grandma even folded my underthings. This, although I didn’t realize it at the time, was quite a special treat for me. For days afterward, I’d open my drawer to get dressed, have a tidy pile of folded panties, and feel so loved and special. She loves me enough to even fold my underdrawers.

**Only one kind will do**
At the store, putting milk in the cart, Aviana declares, “We should buy some pink milk for Opa.”
My dad, you should know, only drinks skim milk, which has a pink lid and label. He, in a good natured, loud sort of way, always makes sure we know he wants skim milk. My dear daughter wants to be prepared for a visit from her favorite opa, even though no visits are imminent. I thought that was pretty sweet.

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