Call me crazy, but I just got my hair cut with toddler and baby in tow. It actually went pretty well. At MOPS, I had asked a friend whose hair I really like where she got her hair done & stopped by the salon on my way home to make an appt. The desk girl was very accomodating and had an appt right then! She was quite enthusiastic that it would be fine to have both Aviana and Brielle with me during the appointment (she must not have children). We skipped all the pampering- scalp massage, relaxing treatments, that goes along with it, and at a couple points I had both A & B on my lap, with the cape, and a sweater and shirt under it (can you say melt me?), but I nevertheless managed to enjoy my time, and really love my hair. I hadn’t had a haircut I’ve loved, in a long, long time. So I think I’ll go back there, but next time by myself.

I love nursing, but I sometimes get jealous of the moms who are so free to leave their baby in the care of someone else. Who can go places alone and unencumbered. I would never trade in this nursing experience and the closeness and bond I feel with my babies and I do like being together a lot of the time, but it does wear on me to be together all of the time. I know I could pump, but I’ve chosen not to give bottles, and try to avoid the pacifier too. It’s called ecological breastfeeding, and it’s part of Natural Family Planning.

Why do I make a decision and then look at people who have made a different decision and wonder if I made the right one?

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