Birthdays Galore

Saturday was my birthday–it was super fab (well, except that I was sick all morning with killer allergies) but other than that. We got over to my mom’s as soon as we could–which with Kevin taking meandering detours to check out every country house that had a “For Sale” sign–took “the longest time of my whole life” quipped one of our little darlin’s. Kevin loves hunting–for anything. He’s watching for a country acreage for our friends.

I had seen an article in my Simple and Delicious magazine about picnics. I told Kevin that would be a great way to spend the day, as long as he did all the work. He didn’t really warm to that idea, and then my aunt, cousin and grandma ended up being able to be here anyway, so I had completely forgotten about my picnic dreams.

It was a great birthday surprise to learn my mom had planned a picnic for us all at the park where they live!

It was heavenly to be with my family, relaxed and peaceful.

My mom had made my favorite angel food cake with chocolate pudding mixed with whipped topping for dessert.
I’m a little excited, because, well, I love my birthday!
In case the candles are too much for me, I have some substitutes on standby.


oh. man. Dada! Are you going to let me eat the whole thing?!

Sunday we had planned our family birthday party for basically, all of us. We have all five of our birthdays in six weeks.

We had, with the help of our neighbors, a wonderful birthday surprise planned for everyone–PONY RIDES!

We were all surprised when my 86 year old grandma decided she would go ahead and go on a ride–for the FIRST time in her LIFE! Isn’t she awesome?! (applause please!)

The pony rides were a big hit with everyone.

Everyone also enjoyed the zip line, but there were a couple of accidents.
Aviana getting hit in the noggin was one.

After the children went to bed, the grownups availed themselves of the hilarious and fun parlor game of Are you a Werewolf?

Good times, friends, good times.

8 thoughts on “Birthdays Galore

  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you'll have cake for a good long time ;). Isn't it funny how those birthdays are clumped. My girls birthdays are 11 days apart. Then mine and CJ's birthdays are 5 months later with his being the day before mine. Joe is thrown right smack dab in the middle of everyone's birthday. And yet in the extended family there are tons of birthdays all around his anyways. My cousin and niece are both on the same day a week after Joe's and his nephews is the day after his and his niece is the week before.

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