Birthday pictures

Her happy cake Grandma made her- and lovin’ the birthday song. She sings “happy birtay baby Ana You”

opening gifts on the actual birthday- cups from our chiro friends w/ the Palmer logo on them

dollhouse from Aunt Connie. possibly her favorite present- she especially likes setting everyone on the potty and putting the whole family in the bathtub. She’ll also lay them all down on the floor and cover them up and say “naptime now.” Sometimes she’ll sing…”Jesus loves Bible Baby Ana dis I Knoooow” loudly and tunelessly, but still very much singing.

And another birthday song and cake. I gave her the candle afterwords to lick off the frosting, and she promptly bit off part of the candle. Poor little thing!

All the little guests in the pool–Olivia, Joey, Aviana, Bailey, Cora, Ella and Addie. “Swimming” was a big hit. We also did water balloons-another big hit-, which took about an hour to fill up the laundry basketfull, and about 2.3 minutes to throw and pop them all. We probably won’t be doing those again- but thank you Cory and Tony for filling them all up!

And that is about all we did at the big two year old birthday party. I enjoyed myself as much as the children I think, but wore myself out, as now it is nearly a week later, and I am still not up for much. Well worth it though.

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