Birthday Party Prep

Pennant Banner completed: check
Fruit cut up: check
Veggies cut up: check
Bad Guy masks made: check
Obstacle course designed and set up: check
Buns sliced: check
Kitchen floors done: check
New desk assembled: check
New bathroom stocked and functional: check
Washer and dryer moved: check
New bathroom decorated: check
Handkerchiefs located: check
Capes made: check
Signage made: check
Cupcake picks made: check
Eleventeen balloons blown up: check
Cityscape made: check
Night scene made: check
Facepaint located: check
Paint, brushes and ice cube trays located: check
Chocolate sauce made: check

Tomorrow’s list is shorter. I thank God for family and friends who did the lion’s share of this! I didn’t do a whole lot of it because I’ve been having high blood pressures and have had to rest a lot.

It’s annoying when my mom, husband, dad, mother-in-law and anyone else who deems it necessary tells me, “Go sit down!” or “Are you resting?” I understand the concern and I’m not taking it lightly. It is just very very difficult to let people do things that I feel are my responsibilities or even things I just want to do.

Even so, I am very thankful for the people willing to do whatever needs done to help our family thrive and for the kids’ Super Party to be a Super Success.

And truthfully, I am so tired I could fall asleep right now.

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