Birthday Party 2010

I had so much fun planning this party. I thought the girls could be fairy princesses and the boys could be Peter Pan. I learned a lot more about geometry making these hats than I ever did in school.

Most of the party goers.
My man and little Pan.
We set up the yard into several play and activity stations. Aunt Barb helped keep things flowing at the Fairy House Painting station.

Amelia and other moms helped at the Fairy Floats station. I wasn’t sure that our homemade bubble solutions were going to work, but leaving them over night was the key. They turned out great and this very well could have been deemed most popular station.

Of course, all the backyard games were a big hit as well:


the homemade teeter-totter

the tire swing

and of course, hooping.

We had a Make a Flower Friend station…

Uncle Corydon was in charge of the Face Painting station. He did a superb job.

We grilled out burgers and hot dogs and had all the trimmings, accompanied by way too many flies–one of those farm drawbacks.

We had cakes–I made the white ones and the all the icing, (I still have icing leftover should you want to come over for a spoonful :-)) Amelia made the chocolate, and my dad made strawbaby, chocolate AND vanilla ice cream.

The white cakes were really not white cakes–thanks to Whisk Kid’s blog and my friend Wendy tipping me off to it.
These were so fun and easy to make; I felt like Willy Wonka the whole evening. Plus I think I should be getting bragging rights because, technically, I made TWELVE cakes that night.
And, they were delicious. I’m confident, if given the chance, I could have eaten an entire one, over the course of a few days, all by myself.

Special thanks to my brother’s girlfriend Kate for being my roving photographer. I was able to enjoy the party so much more since I wasn’t always thinking about “getting the shot”.

I think some of these pictures were also my sister’s, so thanks to her too! And many many thanks to all our family and friends who came and helped so graciously and made our party the super fun time it was!

10 thoughts on “Birthday Party 2010

  1. Looks like it was tons of fun. I love planning parties ;). You did a great job. And your husband's a trooper for doing the fairy thing with your son too ;). Mine probably wouldn't have gone along with that. Thankfully though I can do the boy's birthday separate from the girls since they are 5 months apart ;).

  2. That looks like such a fun party! I'm stopping by after seeing a reference to your blog in Family Fun magazine. I'm a homeschooling mom too, and I love to read about other homeschooling families, so you've found yourself a new follower!

    God bless!

  3. Love that multi-colored cake! What a cool idea for a kids cake. It looks like your party was a BIG hit. 😉

    Happy belated birthday to all of your sweetie pies.

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