Birthday parties

Celebration day–Hip, hip, hooray!

We went to a two year old’s birthday party. Aviana has been singing “Happy Birthday to Tooper” all week long in preparation for the big day, and when it came time to actually sing at the party, she only would stare wide-eyed. Cooper’s mama made a very cool teddy bear cake.

Then I went to a grown up birthday party while Kevin took the girls home. My friend Tina is a Stampin’ Up consultant (Love Stampin’ Up!) and held a mystery hostess party, so she drew names to see who would get free stuff galore. I did, I did!! We chatted and chatted, and everyone brought food–all I really had to eat today was snackish party food–and I realized that it’s been six months since I’ve had an evening out like that. Plus I realized I was a lot more tired than I thought I was; I was ready to get home and to bed by about 9!

Being a grown up and a mama is way more fun than I ever could have imagined, and a lot more boring than I ever could have dreamed!

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