Birthday Festivities

I love throwing parties!

We had an ice cream theme for Aviana’s First Birthday, mostly just family.

We had a “Super Star” party for her second birthday, and invited little friends, and planned some games and a little craft.

We had a tropical party last year for Aviana’s third and Brielle’s first birthday, with little friends, games and crafts and fishy beachy food & favors.

Aviana’s birthday is one week before our due date. Brielle’s birthday is two weeks after our due date. Right now, I’m trying to figure out what to do for their party. I already have less of an energy cache than I had with either previous pregnancy. I’m thinking of just going to the local pool and having (bakery)cake (which would be a first for me) and maybe grill out at the park afterwards with a few families.

I have no idea how I’ll feel after the birth, so I hope to do it before–but if I plan for the week before…

Aviana was six weeks early–due to pre-eclampsia and Brielle was born one day before her due date.

So what would you do?

7 thoughts on “Birthday Festivities

  1. I would do a little cake at home with just grandparents for both girls on their actual cake (Hy-Vee & Walmart DO make good cakes…as does Betty Crocker) and then maybe have a cook-out at your house or at a pool after the baby is born. You could call it a family party – Happy Birthday to Aviana & Brielle & Welcome to Oliver (my fav on the name list!) Have it be a pot luck…everyone would love helping you! If Brielle likes Elmo, I do have the Elmo cake pan. We could even meet up if you wanted to borrow it!!!

  2. Oh my-I think I would go even more on simple side. Maybe just cake and icecream one evening-that way maybe you could plan it on the spur of the moment on the day you and/or the baby feel the best.

    Good thing about kids-they are usually pleased with anything wether its elaborate or just simple.

  3. First off congrats on the pregnancy. I’m new to your blog, so I didn’t know. Also I think the pool idea sounds fun. My kids would love something like that and it seems like it would be easier on you:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think I would PLAN to do the pool party with bakery cake. If the baby’s early, I’m sure everyone will understand having to reschedule. You could probably handle the same low-workload birthday party a couple weeks after the baby’s born.

    Amy, mom to 3 boys in WA state

  5. I would have a big joint birthday party (pool, or whatever you are up for!) for both girls 2-3 weeks before your due date with friends/family, and then do something special with just your family on each of the girls’ actual birthdays. If your son is born earlier than expected, you could just do the individual small family only parties on each of their days. Things always have to change with the birth of a new baby. My baby shower got rescheduled 4 times because of my son being 7 wks early. Just hope for the best but have a contingency plan, just in case!
    If you do a pool party, I might have the parents stay so that you aren’t responsible for keeping up with that many kiddos around water! Too darn stressful for a new mommy to be! I hope you are feeling great!

  6. My daughter Abby (5) was born 4 weeks early. My 2nd daughter Emily (3) was born 3 days early. And then my 3rd child, a son, Micah (1) was 5 days late. Those 5 days seemed like another 5 months! So you never know! I thought for sure I was going to have him early…especially because I started labor a couple of times and then it stopped. So my 2 cents worth is to plan early…they are still young enough to be okay with that. Relax whatever you do! YOU need REST!

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