Big news! and some other stuff

I think the boy is weaned! He didn’t nurse at all Sunday, twice Monday, not at all yesterday, or today. He asks still, but he shakes his head while he does so, knowing what the answer will be.
I am off the Diet Dew! I had to not drink it when I was sick in bed, and then I just didn’t pick it back up. It’s been over a month and we decided to adopt a new Compassion child with the money I’m saving. His name is Cristian Andy Andy. Do you think that’s really his name?

My dream is to go to Ecuador and visit all three of our children.
I bought a couple of small gifts for an exchange tomorrow night; a large bag of M&Ms and a Pencil by Number kit. I’m quite surprised the girls will NOT stop talking about the pencil by number kit; how they want to do it, can they have it when they turn 21?, will I buy them another one?, driving me bonkers about the frickin’ thing–but they have not mentioned the M&Ms even one time. I guess it’s better to be craft crazy than candy crazy.
I’m still trying to do FlyLady, but I can guarantee you she doesn’t have three small children following her around. After several false starts, it took me all frickin’ morning to get the kitchen swept and mopped. Literally. It drives me NUTS to try and do housework around here.

If I’m folding clothes, the baby is pulling folded clothes out of the basket. Why can’t he pull them out of the wrinkly basket?

If I’m putting dishes in the dishwasher, he’s trying to pull them out to put them away. I do let him help put them away, so I understand his confusion, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

If I vacuum, I have him trying to ride the vacuum cleaner and the girls running screaming circles around it.

I try to do some things when he’s napping, but I’d rather reserve that time to do a special project with the girls. And during quiet time, I don’t want to do chores–I try to do some praying, some praise singing and whole lot of facebooking and vegging in front of the ‘puter, as well as do a projects, I can’t do with the children active.

I know it’s just a phase. But it still bugs me.
I tried to give away a dresser on Freecycle. I usually just reply to the first one I hear from who wants it, so I don’t have to ‘choose’. This person was replying via her Blackberry, telling me how sad it is that her kids’ clothes are all in laundry baskets right now and how desperately she needs this dresser. Pretty sure you can buy a dresser for the price of a Blackberry. At any rate, she kept telling me she’d come get it, and kept not showing up, and not calling. What a frickin’ loser.
I ended up contacting some one else of the 20 odd emails I received.

And I really need to stop saying frickin’ It’s a bit disturbing to have your three year old say in that sweet little voice, “I don’t want to eat my fwickin’ wunch.”

4 thoughts on “Big news! and some other stuff

  1. Your description of the housework is making me laugh! That is *my life*! Especially the vacuuming- my boys do the whole running in circles screaming thing too, while the baby chases me trying to pull up on the vacuum itself. Honestly, some days I feel like I don't sit down for a second in 18 hours yet strangely everything looks exactly the same as when I started at the end of the day.

    Ahhh, someday they'll be teenagers and we'll be wishing for these days back. (At least that's what my Mother keeps trying to convince me of.)

  2. Been there with the housework Vs toddlers. I let them take the washing out of the basket and hand it to me to fold, then I put all the folded clothes on the table in piles. Of course they fight over who is going to pick mummy's bra out of the basket, but at least the folded washing stays folded. (BTW baby takes the FOLDED washing out of the basket because it is interesting to watch it unfold before his eyes. It's just not the same with wrinkled washing.)

    Yes, I had to stop saying 'dammit' in front of the children because that's another word that just sounds wrong coming out of the mouth of a 2 or 3 year old. I try to say 'oh bother' because I figure if it's 'clean' enough for Winnie the Pooh then it should be 'clean' enough for the toddlers.

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