Big Day. Whew!

*Mom and I watched my sister’s three kids here overnight.

Wherever we went, a small herd followed. Everyone had a great time, but her three did not sleep well, nor did they nap. Little Titus got into the lipstick twice! I know, I know…Bad Tía, bad!

A person could actually have six children of her own aged 5,4,3,2,1 and 2 months, but I wouldn’t recommend it!

*My sister is in labor right now!
I’m so excited; I just want to call for updates every half hour, but she’d probably kill me. No. She WOULD kill me.

The contractions are about 7 minutes apart, but not too intense yet, according to my dad, who talked to my mom, who’s at the scene.

*We had our annual Harvest Hayride today as well.
I spent the day making chili with ingredients from Opa’s garden. Dee-lish.

Nevermind that I ate more than my day’s allotment of Weight Watcher’s points just tonight. It was totally worth it. That’s what Flex Points are for!

Everyone had a great time,and I had two very grubby, sticky, happy and tired little girls fall right into bed at only a half hour past their bedtime.

Which, according to the sleep guru in the book I am reading, is a big no-no.

Oh well. Again, totally worth it!

15 thoughts on “Big Day. Whew!

  1. So, I am guessing by now you are an auntie AGAIN. 🙂 Hope all is well for your sister and her family- and the 1/2 past bedtime once in a blue moon? The stuff childhood memories are made out of .

  2. SO MUCH FUN! We’re going to be having a bonfire soon, with chili to boot!

    Awwww! I would love to have 6 kids but… not that close together probably!

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