Today was absolutely the best day ever! And ever!

We were home together all day long, Aviana threw not one temper tantrum, did not once need one spanking or have to stand in the corner or sit on her bed. We just laughed and played and messed around. I got ALL the laundry washed, dried, (and here’s the amazing part) folded and put away!! We danced to silly songs, read books, I got out Brielle’s 6-9 month(!) clothes and got them put away, cut paper (and I admit there was a mishap where A cut holes in her outfit. Did not realize her kid scissors would do that!), picked up the mess, watered plants, made lunch, got the dishwasher loaded and cleaned and unloaded, traced the rainbows created by the sun streaming through the prisms in the window on the floor, she went down for her nap without a fuss: I tell ya–I have some awesome parenting skills!

Brielle was pretty fussy and wanted to be held, then not, then held, then not, and she is getting so big (a hair under 18 pounds people!) and she’s so stong and grabby, it’s impossible for me to hold her one armed on my hip as I go about my business. I have got to figure out how to get her in the wrap on my back by myself.

After naps, we did snowman snacks (with pink frosting) and the goo. Then baths and mopping and dinner and bed, then K and I had grown-up time (replete with actual, uninterrupted conversation!!) and I got a scrapbook layout done! And I’m leaving out a lot too. (I wouldn’t want to get too bragadocious on ya 😉

A day where I just LOVE being a mom, when I just love on my children, when I love this calling of motherhood. This is why God created me. And today was just a Hallmark card reminding me of that.

One thought on “BEST

  1. Awesome that you had such a fantaboulous day! Makes me jealous I can’t be a stay out home momma. Ahhh well, maybe someday when Trav gets out of school and gets a great job! Love the picture of you and Brielle cheek to cheek… perfect that she even has her hand on your cheek.

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