Because Laughing is Good for You.

**Passing by a group of tough football players kneeling in a circle, listening attentively to their coach, my four year pipes up from the back seat, “Must be story hour for the football team!”

**Aviana said she wishes she had a really fancy name. Like Grace.
**Brielle wanted to be the one to announce to Aunt Connie Denton’s arrival. She told her, “You will be so dewighted–we have a baby brother!”
**Aviana asked Grandma for a Bible to take to Good News Club. Grandma asked her, “Which version?” Aviana thought for a second, and replied, “The whole Bible.”
**Brielle saw a picture of Denton on the computer’s screen saver. “He’s cute! Is he ours?”
**Aviana: You know what I’m thinkin’?
Dada: What?
Aviana: (quite seriously) I’m asking you to tell me what I’m thinkin’!
**Brielle, on roaming the halls at the chiropractor’s office: I’m old enough to know better than to go walking around in the hallway, but Tadrian isn’t so I have to set a dood example for him.
**After getting a scolding, Aviana tearfully told me, I knew what Brielle was doing was wrong, but it looked so fun I couldn’t resist!”
**Brielle: Mama, will you supervise my take? (cake)

**Aviana: I’m going to pretend to be a chandelier.
**Brielle: Why tan’t we do anyfing to our eyes?
Me: Like what?
Brielle: Wike put a toofpick in one!
**Aviana: I think saying “hath” makes you a better singer.

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