Babywearing on local TV

I am so blessed to have a like minded group of friends. One of my friends is part of our local Birth Coalition, and we’re having a birth conference this weekend. She asked me to be part of her talk on baby wearing.

One of the things I want to emphasize about baby wearing is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Sure , there are companies who have jumped on the bandwagon as baby wearing grows in popularity and their carriers are upwards of a hundred dollars. People who brag about their “wrap stash” and spend more on a wrap than I do on a year’s wardrobe are elitist in my humble, blunt opinion. 
My main go-to wrap is 9 years old. It is a 10 foot piece of 100% cotton I bought for $1/yard when Aviana was baby. It was the first time we had used my vintage auction score of a sewing machine. Kevin helped me hem it. Kevin! He had sewed in 7th grade home-ec. I think that was the first time I’d ever sewed.
A three and half dollar wrap. Seriously. Baby wearing is NOT complicated. Not expensive. It’s common throughout the developing world. You do NOT have to spend a lot of money to benefit your baby in SO many ways by wearing him or her. It’s great for you too!

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  1. I am having trouble finding it, sorry. But I did notice that Rita Ledbetter is in your Birth Coalition! She is amazing! She was the only midwife I could find that would 'let' me try to deliver my twins naturally. In the end I had a footling breech, but still, she let me try! She listened to me, she let me hold my babies right away after they were born.
    Sorry about going on and on, I am just grateful for Rita and you Jessica, and the other moms who are building each other up, not telling them what they can't do, but what they can.

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