Baby C’s Shower

Jamie, Ruth, me (I’m the one with the belly) and Wendy
My sweet friends who hosted the shower and made me feel so special today.
My sister Leah is due October 27 with her fourth baby.
Some of my attendees–I’m so glad so many of my wonderful friends could be here today.
above: Nicole, Robbie (who even thought to bring a little something for the big sisters! I never would have thought of that… ) Jenni, Chris (who I’ve been pregnant with twice–her youngest two are pretty much exactly the same age as mine), Tara(who is due the week after me) and Tricia
below: Aviana (who heard there would be presents and begged to come, even though halfway through started whining about how tired she was- is sitting on Grandma’s lap, but she got cut out of the frame, largely due to my camera acting funky today –it’s literally growling at me!) Leah, Pam, Elizabeth, Anne-Marie, and Connie, my sister-in-law
Tara (you can kindof see her belly)Jamie, Ruth, Leah, Dee and moi
Beginning the opening of the gifts–you don’t realize what a dork you are until you see candid pictures of yourself opening gifts! (Case in point…)
The blanket is REALLY soft, ok?
A Moses basket for the baby’s naps–great recommendation from Andie I can bring him to the center of all the action and hopefully teach him to sleep through it all.

So. Yeah. I can barely bend over…

We had a purse scavenger hunt. Kevin’s sister Connie won because in the tiebreaker she had twelve lipsticks in her purse! (Can you beat that?)

Jamie surveys the gift table
A sweet decoration and also a memory game and also, more presents!
All the yummy food–notice the blue punch?

Snack cups Ruth folded from paper napkins. Is she an origami queen or what?
Growing up she said they called these nut cups. Hmmm…wonder why they changed it to snack cups? 😉
Wildflower centerpeices
The diaper cake
A huge thank you to everyone who was part of today!

They even made thank you cards to match the decor and the invitations and had everyone write their address on the envelopes. What a lot of time that will save me!

I think everyone had a terrific time–I certainly did! And Baby C is pretty well stocked on clothes now!

Oh and speaking of Baby C…We discovered a new name that is not even on the poll! I think we might go with it. Kevin still doesn’t want me to tell what it is until after he’s born. We gotta have one surprise, he says.

‘Member how we’re so different? Yeah, keeping this a secret is pretty much akin to letting me die a slow and painful death.

I still want to get some nursing tanks and maybe try a new kind of sling, but overall I think we’re pretty much set… We have our birthing tub. We have our birthing kit. We have diapers. I have my boobs.

Do you hear that Baby? Come out, come out!

21 thoughts on “Baby C’s Shower

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear the announcement about Baby C’s arrival. Thank you for the amazing compliments on my Real Life post.. you are too sweet!

  2. Ha ha! Loved the last comment about having boobs.

    Anyway, your shower looked like so much fun! I love planning parties!!! You look GORGEOUS!

  3. What an awesome shower! Love the clotheseline idea! Nursing tanks, huh? I had that idea too…but then, as usual…it seemed I was just home to nurse and then it didn’t matter so much about being discreet – way easier that way too. Oh I hope you go soon. Of course for YOU…but also because I can’t wait to hear the new name! (said the stranger blog reader you don’t even really know except through MY blog – ha)

  4. this was so sweet- the entire event was so adorable! and i can’t believe how amazing you look- a huge good-looking baby belly, on one very hot mama! you make pregnancy look GOOD.


  5. How sweet…everything looks lovely!

    I remember that “Opposites Attract” song…although we have many differences, we are similar in other ways.

    I can’t wait to hear the baby’s name!

  6. I laughed my whole way through this post!! You are so funny, Jessica. 🙂

    What a fantastic shower! I am SO thrilled for you! I remember when I had Judah there was no shower and that was tough! I had nothing for a boy but everything for a girl.

    Twelve lipsticks!! I think I own two. Pathetic, I know.

    Your purple dress and your red hair… PERFECT!!


  7. Looks like you had a good time. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what to get for a little boy? Here is hoping he makes his appearance soon.

  8. danielle says:

    What a great time! Hey- I have that same blue blanket for my youngest. And it Really is very very soft!! You look beautiful in those pics!!!

  9. Looks like you had a blast… look at all those cute little blue clothes. So precious…. Since my boy was a baby 4 years ago and we’ve had 2 girls since then, it seems like SO long since I’ve seen little blue socks and little blue onesies… man…. your shower, combined with my having nursery duty at church yesterday and working on my one year old’s scrapbook sure is making me pine for another…. 🙂

  10. Looks like fun! Have you done a home birth before? I can’t wait to hear your birth story. I am looking forward to another ‘It’s Real Life’ 🙂

  11. Doesn’t it just stink when the hubby wants to keep things a secret and your dying to tell the world. I feel the same way with not knowing the sex of this baby! it’s driving me mad 🙂

    It looks like an amazing time! You are going to LOVE having a boy, they are so much fun and definatly different.

  12. What a great shower. I’ve never seen a diaper cake before – great idea. Congratulations on your baby that is about to come. How exciting this must be for your girls.

  13. G. says:

    awww…how great. Looks like you had fun and were blessed. BTW, did you ever get the earrings from my giveaway? I know it’s been awhile. I was nervous something would happen to them.

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