Baby B update

I’m almost 38 weeks pregnant-and had a midwife appt yesterday. Baby’s heartbeat good, my blood pressure good, fundus measurement a little on the small side, but still good. Had the Group B strep test done. She did an internal check and just raved about how good everything looks. She doesn’t think that I’ll go the full 40 weeks because I seem ready to go now. The baby is totally dropped and engaged, and I asked if that would explain why my pelvis has hurt for the last week or so. Kim said “oh yeah! this baby is LOW and ready to GO!” She’s so funny. The things that excite midwives.

So last night I had some “bloody show”, and again this morning. From everything I’ve read that can happen right before labor starts or in early labor. I had a few contractions last night, and this morning, but nothing sustaining. I slept all night too. Just waiting and seeing.

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