So when I was at the doctor’s the other day, Aviana went went with me and got a sticker, of which she was quite proud. My mom was asking her about it, and kind of teasing her too.

Did they look in your throat?
No, in Mama’s.
Did they take your blood pressure?
No, dey toot Mama’s.
Did they take your temperature?
No, dey toot Mama’s.
Well, what did you do?
I dist watched!
They gave you a sticker just for watching?!
Well, why did they give you a sticker?

At this point, Aviana was getting a little flummoxed, so I interceded and stage whispered in her ear, “Tell her it’s because ‘I’m so cute'”

She looked up, confident once again, and declared, “Dey dave it to me betuz Mama’s so cute!”

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