We got a Gazelle. I’m excited to work out while the girls watch Curious George in the afternoons. When Kevin was putting together the computer for it, he brought it in and had me put my thumb on the pulse reader.

I registered a 72.

“NUH-UH!” he exclaimed. “I registered a 72!”

Our hearts are beating as one. Awww…

2 thoughts on “Awww….

  1. HEY! We were just fitness equipment shopping this weekend! And came *this* close to buying a Gazelle! We actually tried out a lot of Elliptical trainers, but they’re so expensive not to mention HUGE that we got discouraged fast. However, if we had a Target nearby, we probably would have bought a Gazelle. Found them online and they’re pretty affordable. Which model did you get? I’d love to hear your pros and cons!

    Anyway, I’ve wanted a Gazelle for THREE years now, and dh is finally on board, because all of the sudden he is feeling “out of shape”…rotflol

    PS, so sweet about the heartrate!

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