Avianese: A Handy Pocket Guide

A- Adin–do it over and over and over, and over. And over.
Amanul- tows, tittens, tats, birwds
Aids- what you eat for breakfast; fwied or strambled
Ativity–any project that allows for cutting and glue stick-ing

B- Bwee-elle- her sista
Bidder–When she gets bidder and bidder, she’ll be able to drive and be a mama!
Bastet–She has an Easter bastet
Bwotlee–A green wummy wechtable that looks like widdle twees.

D- Dod–He made me and you too and stars, moon, toffee, seep–everything!
Deezus–Dod’s son. Not to be confused with Daniel, Moses, Zatteeus, David, Donah, Doseph, Dada, Opa or any other man, who were just men and not God’s son and do not live in your heart
Doe–the opposite of tum
Deegee–That wonderful lady who likes to “doe for walks wif Tassy and doe upstaiwrs and tate a naap.”
Dwama–That wonderful lady who makes tuttees with her and woks her to sweep
Dessita–Mama’s first name
Delwee beans–yummy treats she gets as a bribe
Dood– Delwee beans are dood, wettuce is not
Dist– merely- “I was dist twying to reach the delwee beans.”

E- Elwa- her tousin

F- Fwowas–the yellow and purple pretties you shouldn’t pick that grow at Grandma’s but not at our house.
Faveret–toddwer fings wike pink, watewr, baths, tarrots, teese, torn, ativities, doe to a wibwary
Fwee–how many she’s gonna be on her nest birfday.
Fwo– to toss into a bastet, or onto the bed

H- Holla–A loud voice you’re supposed to use outside
Heawrt–where Dod wivs

I- Ice Tweam–another fave-ret

M- Marters– better for coloring than crayons
Mits– what you do with cookie dough before you eat some
Melt–She likes it from a “tow, not from a bweast wike Bwee-elle”
We buy special melt for Opa when he tums.

N- Nest–what comes after now. see Fwee

O- On-wine–1. We check to see if anyone’s onwine so we can send winks.
2. Mama thinks the day would be easier to get through if she were always on-wine, or rum & coke, or … JUST KIDDING!

P- Pids–the pinkish animal that oinks–when we IM with Opa, he always sends us a dancing pid wink.
Pwease–1. What your Mama makes you say to get something you want
2. What you say twice without being reminded when you want a brownie

S- Snuddow–to be really really close to Mama for extended periods of time; especially wanted in the morning, right after a nap, and when she’s trying to work in the kitchen
Sweep–1. What she likes to do in the kitchen, but not with her own toddler sized bwoom, wif Mama’s bwoom when Mama’s trying to use it
2. What she doesn’t like to do in her bed, or any bed
Seep– The amanul that has white fleece and baaa’s, and has baby wams. Not to be confused with sweep.
Seet– 1. The lightweight covers on the bed
2. What she rides in in the car
Sorwee– What Mama makes her say after she hurts someone or is rude

T- Toffee–That light brown liquid in mugs the Grown-ups in our house drink
Tubhouse–Any large cardboard box in which she hides and puts her teddies down for a nap
Twy– 1. What Brielle does when upset, and she does almost as much 2. To attempt to do “I was dist twying to weach the delwee beans”
Twit–To stop “Mate Bwee-elle twit twying!”
Tuttee–what she gets lots of when she goes to Dwama’s
Taandawoo- an amanul you can wide
Tows–make melt and wiv in the bawrn
Tittens–1. Way aids and wiv in the titten house
2. Baby tats
Tats–they dwink and you tan pet them
Tarrots– orange wechtables
Torn–dood for eating and it’s yellow
Tan- able to do –Somedays she tan go peepee all by herself, somedays she “dist tan’t!”
Teese–the best way to eat dairy
Totta teese–White curded dairy you eat with a spoon
Tora–her tousin
Titus–her tousin
U- Unbwella– “We have two unbwellas, a puple one and a wed one, one for you and one for meeeeeeee. You need it when it wains.”

W- Wapyoom–the noisy machine Mama uses to twean the tarpets
Wiv– We wiv in the tountry, but some people wiv in town.
Wun– To get somewhere fast, you have to wun!
Wok–1. The opposite of wun
2. To comfort in a woking chair. “I dist want to walk for a widdle bit”
Wechtable– bwotlee, wettuce (I don’t wike wettuce)tarrots, torn
Wettuce– like in salad
Widdle– 1. Small “Bwee-elle is widdle, I’m bid”
2. What you’re not supposed to do in church
Wubbawee– When you’re wet (I don’t know where this one came from!)
Wap–1. The best wap, apparently is Mama’s, but Dada’s and Dwama’s will do
2. How Mama often carries Bwee-elle, but she sometimes needs to be in the wap for comfort and closeness too
Wibwary–That glorious place with all the books

Y- yunyun–the wechtable that makes her twy.

Z- Zatteeus–da wee widdle man who twimbed a twee to see Deezus

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