Aviana’s lists

Today in a drawer I found a list. I asked Aviana what it was.

 “Oh,” she replied nonchalantly,”that’s just a list I tore out of my notebook. It’s a list of what I’m thankful for. You can throw it away.”

I couldn’t bear to until I had recorded it for posterity.

1. Painting
2. reading under the willow tree
3. the begining of a storm
4. a hazy sunset
5. the wind ruseling through the trees
6. pillow fights
7. feather beds
8. skys that look like a painting
9. daisy chains
10. buttercups
11. sun peeping through the clouds
12. my sister brielle
13. books.
14. silly cadrian
15. funny denton

On the back she had written what she wants for her eighth birthday in July.

two lambs. two mice. one moltese. one camra.

Oh how I love that girl of mine, the one who made me a mama, my sweet baby A.

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