Aviana, looking out the window: Mama, the van wooks diff-er-ent.
Me: I washed it.
I am disciplining Brielle in the bathroom while Aviana is around the corner in the kitchen. She hears me begin the process, which is to address the specific incident of disobedience and to make sure the child understands what she is being disciplined for. I usually hold them close to me on my lap and say something like, “Mama loves you too much to let you be disobedient. God put me in authority over you and it’s my job to teach you to obey me, so you can obey Him.”

It was about this point that Aviana hollers into the bathroom, “NO DISCIPWIN IS PWEASANT AT THE TIME BWEE-ELLE! NO DISCIPWIN IS PWEASANT AT THE TIME!”

Sage advice from one discipline-ee to another.

The verse in its entirety is No discipline is pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11 I paraphrase.
Mama, I’m doe-ing to weed dis storwee to my husband. My husband is sitting right dere. Den he’s doe-ing to weed me a storwee. I wuv my husband. We weed to each udder.
Kevin’s straight laced, somewhat snobby, childless cousin: What are you going to do this summer?
Aviana: After my birfday, and after the new baby comes, we tan doe outside and take off all our tlothes, and pway!
I’m doe-ing to put on my bwacelet, so dat ever-wee one at Fawrm and Fweet will fink I am a PWINCESS!

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  1. These are SO adorable! Especially the disciplinary one…lol, my goodness, how did you finish the process!? I’d be dying…

    Very cute!

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