I so just made up that word.

***Aviana picks out something from her veggies. “I don’t yike dis, Mama!”

I glance over and say, “That’s ok, you don’t have to eat it, I don’t like lima beans either.”

“Yamas yike yama beans doe” (Llamas like llama beans though)
I didn’t realize I had a Southern accent!

***Aviana wanted me to put her in a fancy hat–which is me tying a silk scarf around her head like a doo rag. Then she asked me, “Where am I going?” I told her she was going to a wedding. She didn’t know what that was, so I had the wonderful idea to pop in our wedding DVD. Now you must know, I LOVED my wedding. LOVED it!! I had so much fun, looked so beautiful (I know that sounds vain, but I’m serious. ;-), was (am) so in love with my new husband. It. was. the. best. day!! So we’re watching Kevin and me in all our prep, and the little pre-wedding interview, and the morning of, at the wedding, the reception, all the shared moments, sweet bits of nostalgia, lovely memories. I’m getting all emotional just thinking about it. I kept saying, “Look! There’s so-and-so! Look! There’s Mama! Look! There’s Dada!” to try to pique her interest and I was fast forwarding through the boring parts. I’m loving it!

Then my sweet little Miss looks up at me with her gorgeous blue eyes, and crosses her arms across her chest, and emphatically says, “I don’t wanna watch a wedding. I wanna watch Barney!”


***Wet’s have some pop-porn. (popcporn:-))

***Kevin was giving Aviana a laundry basket ride- which is where she sits in the basket and he pushes her gliding through the house at breakneck speeds. She wanted Brielle to join in, and before we put the baby in with her, she admonishes her father with, “Now doe soe, Dadda. Bee-ell tan’t hang on to the bastit. I haf to hold on to her.”

***Aviana told me she wants to have a birthday. “I want everybody to tum ova. I will frow water balloons at everybody! I will sing happy birday! I will be this many!” and she holds up her hand with all five fingers splayed.

I tell her “No, you’ll be three,” and show her three fingers.
She says, “No, I want to be this many!” putting up all her fingers, and again, I display three fingers, saying “You’ll be three! first you were one (I show one finger), then now you’re two, (I show her two fingers,) and next you’ll be three” and once again demonstrate the proper amount of fingers.

She says, exasperated, “No Mama, put up your pinky and your fum. I want to be this many!!”

***”Whobody is toming ova?”

It makes sense: somebody, nobody, = whobody

***Aviana rushes urgently to me. “Mama, Bee-elle not too-operating!”

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  1. Ruth says:

    Aviana says the cutest things – that’s a great way to record memories of when they are small. Now will you print these or save them somehow for her to read when she’s older?

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