At 6:45

I had already dealt with far too much for my meager reserves to handle, and as I looked at the clock, I said, “It’s only quarter to seven!” and started to cry. Kevin said, “Maybe you should go to your mom’s.” So I did.

The two hour drive wasn’t too bad, pretty much; I talked to my sister the whole way. She essentially monologued the whole way, and then when we started talking about me, 25 minutes from my destination, I started to cry. And I cried all the way there.

Apparently, I was a tad more stressed than I had realized. I guess I just handle and ignore and deal and stuff and supress until all the stress I’ve been pretending isn’t really there surfaces somehow.

We had a lovely visit. I got to spend time with my dad too.

I read a whole book (the fourth Babylon Rising) and Aviana played with her cousins who were there as well, eliminating my having to entertain her.

Even though we weren’t even there for 24 hours, it was a huge relief to be there.

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